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    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Teach Child to Appreciate Nature

    All children love to visit amusement parks. But has it ever occurs to you that child actually lives in one all the time? The whole environment around a child is like a giant amusement park, full of delightful sights, mysteries, and new thing to learn about.

    It is indeed improvement for a child to learn how to appreciate the Earth and the richness of experience it offers. And grow-ups can do a lot to help her in this regard. The best way to begin might be to familiarize the child with all the ‘names’ of nature. Point out thing in nature whenever you get opportunity to, and say their names – like a flower, a hill, a river, a squirrel etc.

    You could also teach children to appreciate the Earth in a deeper way. For example help the child to focus her attention on one small sight or one small sound. One way to do this would be to make her look through a paper tube at something specific, so that she has narrowed a small field of vision. Then ask “what do you see? Talk about it!”

    You should also take nature walks with your chidren.Just a vacant field or park would do. Point out things, and let children explore. For instance, if you see a bird’s nest; ask her to describe what sees. The same would apply to an army of ants marching along a wall, or a tiny flower that sprouts in the courtyard. Such close observations will bring nature closer to the child’s heart, and she will learn to value and appreciate all the wonder of nature.

    Developing a proper love for nature is like opening all the windows of a child’s mind. And surely, an open mind is vital for the healthy growth of a child’s personality.

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