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    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    How Does A Child Learn

    It is obvious that children absorb information using their different senses. Psychologists have observed that various children use their senses differently. Some children may depend on their eyes more; some may be more dependent on their eras. Yet another may be using his senses may be of great use in developing his learning skills

    For instance visual learners, who use their yes more, may rely on the sense of sight when absorbing information. They easily pickup visual clues like motion, color, shape, and size. Such children usually have excellent eye – hand coordination.

    Children who prefer their sense of hearing, on the other hand, are better listeners. They are more likely to be early talkers and posses a greater vocabulary. Like wise there are those who make more use of their sense of touch and movement

    Of course, such classifications definitely do not form watertight compartments. Most children would exhibit characteristics from more than one category.Yet; close observation may reveal a child’s strong preference for one style of learning. This would enable parents to use the child’s play time effectively, to develop weaker skills, while reinforcing natural strengths.

    Let us take instance of reading out a story. If the child is one who prefers to learn through movements, encourage him to act out the events you narrate. At the time, point to the pictures, and ask him to help you tell the story, to give a boost to his other facilities.

    Every child would have a preferred sense and method to absorb information. yet he, cannot be too choosy, because a child has to work in a group situations where all sorts of skills come into play.A little child cannot say to his teacher,” I would rather listen to story, than read it myself.” Parents can help him from a very early age to avoid such predicaments.

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