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    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    First steps in Dressing up..

    Parents   running after nursery school children .trying to put on their school uniforms are a common sight in many households. Some children dislike the task of putting on their clothes. Others insist that a parent   do it for him or her.
    How can we make a child put on his or her   clothes independently?  Convince them that dressing up is a fun game!  When it is performed like games a child will take interest in it. Make your child the most important person in this game.  But parents usually say impatiently, “stand still while I put your clothes on.”

    Children do not like standing still like a statue. Their quick minds want to do something all the time. Put this principle to work in this dressing up game.
     For example instead of putting on the whole of your child’s shirt yourself you can just put on one sleeve and leave the other sleeve for your child to do. After your child puts on his or her shirt, you should congratulate him or her.
    You can show your child how to do up his or her buttons correctly. In the beginning, your child will not do up the buttons in the right way. But after some mistakes, he or she will learn to do things correctly.

    You can also sing some rhymes, as you get your child dressed. Another way is to make dressing up a competitive game. Count till 15, and if the child finishes within this time, he or she gets an A. if the child takes time till 20, he or she scores a B, and so on.

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