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    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Devoloping Social Skills for Childrens

    The social skills of your child are as important as his or her health and intelligence. Obviously, the path to social and emotional maturity is not always smooth, and parents and teachers have a great role to play in helping the child along.

    Every child experiences a need to make connections with his or her peers. He or she wants to be liked and to have playmates. Help the child understand that friendships function within a system of rules related to sharing, supporting and taking turns. Most of these essential social skills do not come naturally to a young child and he or she has to learn them. A useful tip might be to encourage playing board games at home. You might need to supervise your child and his or her friends to ensure that they stick to the rules.

    There are other aspects too related to the development of social skills like independence, a sense of right and wrong and self esteem. All it takes is a little encouraging push and the child is ready to accept the right cues for instance at this age a child is read to understand that lying is bad thus developing a value system in his mind. You could also discourage socially unacceptable behavior like interrupting and cutting into conversations. If the child butts in when you are in mid-sentence, continue talking until you have finished and then let him speak.

    Your child is fast becoming his or her own person with unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. This individuality will become apparent in all areas. Understand him or her and play an active role in your child’s growth.

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