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    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Being a Good Father

    The word parenting quite often brings to mind the image of a mother taking pains to bring up a little one in the proper way. But a father has an equally important role to play in effective parenting.

    What is your concept of a good father? Gone are the days when a good father was one who sat authoritatively reading a newspaper, ruling the children with strong hand.Modern experts in child psychology say that fathers have a crucial role to play in the development of a child’s personality? A father definitely needs to take an extra step in building a relationship with his child, and special efforts to spend quality time with him or her. Of course being an ideal father is not as simple as it sounds.

    What do your children expect from their dad? They want you to listen what they say. And listen very carefully. Never treat your children’s problems lightly, or brush them aside.

    To be a good father, be a good role model for the child,too.Losing your temper without reason, using foul language while scolding, and quarrelling frequently with your wife are all things that upset or create fear of your child. A child loves a cheerful, smiling father.

    As a father you can also provide great help in developing the social skills of your child. Take him or her on short walks, or to shops. Just watching you talk to others in a pleasant way can give him or her, a great amount of confidence to interact with others.

    An ideal father should be able to give equal affection to his children without discriminating between a son and a daughter. Playing with your children, making friends with them, are all activities that help your children to build strong bond with you.

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