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    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Tips for Control your Children's TV Viewing…

    Think about your child's age and choose the types of things that you want him to see, learn and imitate.Look for TV shows that:

    •  teach your child something
    •  hold his interest 
    •  encourage him 
    • to listen and question 
    •  help him learn more words 
    •  make him feel good about himself
    •  introduce him to new ideas and things 

    Keep a record of how many hours of TV your child watches each week and what she watches. Some experts recommend that children limit their TV watching to no more than 2 hours a day. However, it's up to you to decide how much TV and what kinds of programs your child should watch.

     Learn about current TV programs, videos and DVDs and help your child to select good ones. "Sesame Street," "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," "Blue's Clues," "Between the Lions," "Reading Rainbow," "Barney & Friends," "Zoom," and "Zoboomafoo," are some shows that you may want to consider. Many other good children's programs are available on public television stations and on cable channels such as the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

     If you have a VCR or DVD player, you may wish to seek out video versions of classic children's stories and books, such as the Babar stories and the Children's Circle series, "Stories for the Very Young" and "More Stories for the Very Young.

    Parents Choice, a quarterly review of children's media, including TV programs and home video materials, can help you to choose titles that are suitable for your child. (For more information, see the Parents choice websites) You can also read about programs in TV columns in newspapers and magazines. Cable subscribers and public broadcasting contributors can check monthly program guides for information.

    After selecting programs that are appropriate for your child, help him decide which ones he wants to watch. Turn on the TV when one of these programs starts and turn it off when the program ends.

    Watch TV with your child, so that you can answer questions and talk about what she sees. Pay special attention to how she responds, so that you can help her to understand what she's seeing.

    Follow-up TV viewing with activities or games. Have your child tell you a new word that he learned from a TV program. Together, look up the word in a dictionary and talk about its meaning. Or have him make up his own story about one of his favorite characters from a TV program.

    Include the whole family in discussion and activities or games that relate to TV programs. Go to the library and find books that explore the themes of the TV shows that your child watches. Or help your child to use her drawings or pictures cut from magazines to make a book based on a TV show.

    Make certain that TV isn't used as a babysitter. Instead, balance good television with other enjoyable activities for your child.


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